Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel Review

Microfiber Towels

There are lots of microfiber towels on the market from a whole range of brands. This pack of towels from the Chemical Guys brand are one of the best selling sets on the market at present. The Chemical Guys MIC_805_3 is a strange name for a towel I agree, but it is one of the best sellers online.

These are large towels and each one measures 16″ x 16″ which is in my opinion a great choice in size. Working with something that size means you are not constantly having to change towels when buffing or wiping off polishes and waxes.

They are also machine washable and that means you can put them into the washing machine when they need cleaned.

Microfiber cloths are really useful for a whole range of reasons, and they are extremely useful when it comes to the task of applying and removing all type of polishes and car waxes. Opinion is divided on these cloths as you will see below.

What Buyers Say About the Chemical Guys Microfiber Cloths

As I mentioned at the start, there are plenty of choice for these cloths from all the well know car care brands. So what makes this set a best seller? According to buyers these are great value for money, never scratch paintwork and come in a pack of 3.

Now I also mentioned these did divide opinion as you can see below:

  • Overall buyers rate these towels with a 78% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 62% of all buyers gave this one a full 5 star rating
  • 7% of all buyers gave these towels a bad rating

Let’s have a look at why 7% of all buyers gave these a bad review.

What Buyers Didn’t Like

A few buyers did give these a bad review (7%). They gave those for a variety of reasons which included:

  • They simply though that the towels were too thin
  • Some buyers said the dye started to bleed after multiple washings
  • A few buyers said that the towel had a large tag on them which could scratch the car
  • Some buyers said that these are not advertised properly as they are thinner than the image shows

It is worth pointing out that some buyers really hated these as when they looked at the image that advertises these, it looks like you are getting thick plush towels. Those buyers then stated that what you really get are very thin towels which they perceived to be low quality.

At the other end of the ratings you get around 2/3 of all buyers saying these are great. I have listed the reasons for their high ratings below.

What Buyers Did Like

  • Buyers said the towels were soft, had a good grip and were very good at absorbing
  • Most buyers said they absorbed a lot of water
  • Most buyers said they were especially good on windows
  • Buyers liked the fact that they didn’t have fixed edges as that meant they could be cut to smaller sizes

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These are machine washable but buyers advise not to use a fabric softener when washing as this weakens the fabric.

Buyers also advised that the most effective way to use these is to buff the polish or wax on using one side, and then use the other side to buff off. This isn’t what I would personally recommend though. For me it is always better to use a separate cloth for applying the polish/wax, and a different cloth to buff it off.

Known Problems with Microfiber Towels

Two of the main problems with most microfiber towels are:

  1. Bunching – this is where the towel bunches up when being used and is very annoying
  2. Scratching – this can be caused from a hemmed edge which is harsher than the fabric. It can also be caused by a poor quality of cloth.

With these Chemical Brother towels no-one seemed to complain about the bunching up problem. When it came to scratching most buyers said they were very soft. A few of those buyers did however state that the label could scratch the vehicle.

The manufacturers states that this towel is composed of closely woven dense loops. Their purpose behind making them like this is that it allows the cloth to grab the wax, sealant and/or polish residues to help deliver a polished look.

They also state that their towel is lint-free which means it will work really well on glass windscreens and windows.

My Verdict on The Chemical Guys Microfiber Towels

I have bought and used these and I have also bought and used other brands. These are in the OK range for me. They are not really bad, but they are certainly not the best. If you have used some other type of cloth other than a microfiber towel on your car, then using one of these will always feel and work a great deal better.

The reason these are a best seller online comes down I believe to the price of them. These 3 towels retail at $12.99 but there are usually online deals available, that make them cheaper. At around $7-8 I think these are decent value for money.

I do agree with buyers about the images shown on some online stores. They make them look like large fluffy towels, whereas in actual fact, these are thin cloths. I also dislike words in the title like “Monster” and “Edgeless.” It is all just marketing blurb and I can understand why this is annoying to some buyers.

For the average motorist these will do a good enough job, and the buyer satisfaction rating is evidence of that at 78% buyer satisfaction.

I do want to mention something about the “edge less” feature. These towels are cut by a laser and that means they do not need to have an edge sewn into them. The reason for doing that is to stop the edge from catching and tearing. It also means that a thick edge doesn’t exist and that in itself can stop scratches.

In my opinion all of that is true, but most microfiber cloths I have used are like this. So although it is a good idea it is not really a game changer one way or the other.

The quality of the cloth is much more important when it comes to buying any microfiber cloths. Most brands use a blend of Polyester and Polyamide. These are combined into a ratio, and the ration ultimately determines just how soft the cloths really are.

Many cloths use an 80% polyester/20% polyamide as their standard. Better quality and softer cloths will have 70% polyester/30% polyamide. These Chemical Guy’s cloths are in the 70/30 mix. Do treat these numbers with some caution though as most of these cloths are imported and the accuracy of these numbers is highly suspect.

In summary, my opinion is that these sell well, based on a combination of a good price and good enough quality. I have used them and I like them and the bottom line is they do a good enough job. The advertising is annoying, but if you can get past that, then these are a good enough buy.


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