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Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Review

If you want to keep your leather surfaces protected and shining, what you need is nothing other than Chemical Guys SPI401 Vintage Series Leather Conditioner.

It is specially designed to nourish and refurbish your leather surfaces.

Why is this Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner different from other leather conditioners you have probably heard of?

To begin with, it is made with vitamin E that enables it to restore a new sense of life into your costly leather seats, door panels and even dashboards.

This one has been made specifically to restore the once good looking appearance of your leather surfaces and at the same time maintaining a dry-to-the-touch feeling.

Another thing that makes it different and I think very important, is that, it is made with an Ultraviolet (UV) protection to enable it resist discolouration, cracking, and fading which is caused by harmful dangerous sun rays.

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Chemical Guys Works on All Leather Types

Another reason why you should consider this one from the Chemical Guys is because it functions exceptionally on any kind of leather, faux leather surfaces, and leatherette.

It has got a conditioning formula that infiltrates deep into the leather for the softest feel on any type of leather surface. It has natural cleaning capabilities to eradicate light stains from the surface.

 Another great thing about this leather conditioner is that, immediately it is applied on any leather, it automatically restores the original scent back to your leather seat. That is actually a scent that I like and it also helps create that new feeling inside your car.

It also protects your leather from getting dry, wearing out, and starting to crack. If you want your leather to last longer, ensure you treat it well with this high quality leather conditioner.

Key Features of this Leather Conditioner

UV Protection for your Leather Upholstery

This inimitable conditioning cream applies stain guard technology that resists dirt and stains to ensure leather surfaces are cleaner for a long time.

All that you need to do is to apply it on the gear or shifter knob, leather steering wheel, and brake handle to resist stains, and the body leather to ensure the fibers are lithe, strong, and supple.

And as mentioned earlier, dangerous UV sun rays may lead to fading, cracking, and discolouration of your leather.

The UV sun rays blocks the agents that shield and maintain your leather. If you are looking for perfect way to protect your leather material, the Chemical Guys Leather is the way to go.

Multi-Purpose Formula

Conditioning is the only surest way to maintain the original good looking appearance of leather and its natural feeling. Chemical Guys conditioning is tailor made to restore and maintain all kinds of leather surfaces. It mostly works well on custom choppers and motorcycles.

It is designed to work well on natural and sealed leather for ultimate versatility. If you want to restore your once neglected leather into its original form, then what you need is the Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner.

And you are guaranteed results within minutes. It blends well with any color and it works outstandingly with virtually any leather material such as sofas, bags, purse, hand bags, and shoes.

For proper maintenance of any type of leather, then look for nothing else but Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner.

Our Verdict on the Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner

Buyer Satisfaction
  • When you see an average rating of 90% buyer satisfaction for a product, left by real life buyers, then you know you have a good product on your hands.
  • This one is very good and we know when we used it that it delivered great results

Most of these type of cleaners actually do a pretty good job of cleaning and restoring leather. We think this one just goes the extra mile by adding protection as well. It also dries quickly which is always a good thing.


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