Chemical Guys Foam Cannon Review

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Chemical Guys Foam Cannon Review

Chemical Guys are at it again bringing to you a product that promises a clean wash for those in love with their cars, vans or even RVs- They call this one “The Honeydew Foam Cleanser and Professional Foam Cannon.”

They actually have a few models available for this type of product which I have listed below:

  1. EQP312 TORQ Professional – On average costs $85 and has an average rating of 88% buyer satisfaction
  2. EQP300 MTM Next Generation – On average costs $75 and has an average rating of 80% buyer satisfaction
  3. EQP310 TORQ Professional – On average costs $65 and has an average rating of 70%

So in essence there are three main price points as you can see. The most expensive one does get the highest rating and to be honest I don’t think that is too surprising.

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What Are Foam Cannons Used For?

The cannon connects to almost any type of pressure washer. Once that is done then the foam cannon is great for quickly washing cars. It covers the car in a thick foam and this is what eats into the dirt and grime to clean your car.

You mix around 2-6 ounces of your favorite cleanser to the hot water in the jar that comes with the kit. You can use cold water but we found warm water did a better job.

You then re-attach the nozzle which is also provided. Finally you connect this to a pressure washer. (Please note, this does not come with this kit)

When that is done you then adjust the nozzle to get the thickness of foam that you want and then cover the vehicle. The foam is then pushed out with a hi-tech cannon or nozzle that promises a great foamy wash.

The cannon is equipped with the latest air-injection technology that produces large amounts of snow foam. It is easier to see this one in action so check out the video below.

It has a high speed nozzle which allows you to wash your car without having to touch it. We noticed with any of the three products mentioned above that the amount of foam produced by this product is amazing.

Foam Cannon Cleaning Capability

The thick snow foam covers the whole vehicle and is able to remove dirt from all cracks and corners.

The kit comes equipped with a fluid tank whose capacity is 32 oz. and a jet nozzle- high sweep, that enables a wide coverage of the car during a wash.

Together with Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap anybody out to wash a car is promised the ultimate wash experience.

This cleanser comes in different formats like the Honeydew shown above but also in their Mazi-Suds range which has a cherry scent.

There is also a citrus version of this available. These come in gallon jars and on average they cost around $25-30 depending on where you buy them.

Foam Cannon vs a Bucket

You can of course go to a car wash or like many do it the old fashioned way with a bucket and sponge. Either method just takes longer and by having your own foam cannon you can get a car done from beginning to end in about 15 minutes.

Most bucket hand washes are bound to miss some parts of your car leaving them dirty but with Snow Foam, the cleaning suds allow deeper penetration into cracks in the vehicle ensuring that they are dust and debris free.

On the various online customer reviews some buyers highlighted the product’s ability to clean the barrel of his rims.

Speed vs Time

We read many reviews online at places like Amazon and on various other websites and forums. Many buyers said that something like this will cut their wash time in half.

We think though that you need to also consider that you do need to get your power washer out and set that up. The actual foaming and washing of the car can be done in around 7-10 minutes.

One buyer did comment that he washed his car and van in a span of 30 minutes. Definitely this makes car washing a lot more fun than using a bucket of water and a wash mitt.

The Honeydew shampoo also smells great, giving your car not only the great shine it needs but a smell that will leave any petrol head jealous at the sight of your car.

A two-bucket hand wash can be a bit disappointing especially when you end up with swirl marks on your car and even accidental scratching off the paint. To ensure this does not happen, the foam cannon ensures a faster way to clean off the dirt and grime.

Setting Up the Chemical Guys Foam Cannon

The foam cannon comes with a quick connect adapter that allows it to connect to any power washer, such as, the Craftsman Pressure Washer, without the need of purchasing alternative adapters.

For those who own convertibles, do not be worried as the foam cannon and shampoo are effective in cleaning the convertible tops without any ill effects. You could also use this to clean the aluminum siding in your house- if you have any.

For great results during a wash, rinse off your vehicle with a jet of water, then foam it up well and finally scrub off any residue using a mitt. You should also consider drying your car after using the product to ensure you leave no water spots.

Disadvantages of Using a Foam Cannon

If you don’t have a pressure washer then please don’t waste your money buying any of these products. The production of foam does depend on the power of your washer and that you may not get exactly the amount of foam that you see on the YouTube videos I have shown above.

For example using a hose pipe attached to a soap vessel is not a good idea either as you will just end up getting only a spray of watery soap.

You may also notice that a small hole in the brass base that screws to the bottle leaks when you shake the bottle to mix the soap and water. This is perfectly normal as the hole allows for some pressure to be released

Our Verdict on this Foam Cannon

Buyer Satisfaction

The Honeydew Foam Cleanser and Professional Foam Cannon (1 gallon) vary in price but still affordable for many people depending on which model you go for.

One thing we did find was that using one of these is really good fun.

We also noticed that when we did it the neighbours came out to see and were impressed. (No – I didn’t let them borrow it!!!)

This is a bit of a gadget thing and some buyers really like it, and some buyers really do not. Buyers who like to give their car a good wash once a week seemed to be the most popular type of buyer.


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