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In this article we review the BLACK+DECKER WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher. This is a very popular buy for many car owners. It is also the model that is one of the best sellers online, so certainly worth having a closer look at, and doing a more detailed review.

Overall buyers have given this polishing/waxing machine an average buyer satisfaction rating of 80%. That is very good when compared to other makes and models of car buffers. As a car detailer myself I know there are a lot of choices on the market. For the price this is as good as anything else.

I am going to sound a bit arrogant when I say this. However, as a general rule, most people truly don’t know how to use these polishing buffers properly. I know when I first started using one of these, that I truly didn’t have a clue the best way to get these to work.

Thankfully back then my boss made me practise on an old banger, rather than on any customer’s car. It took me a few hours and some coaching to finally master the technique.

WP 900 Specification and Features

Black and Decker wp900 car polisherNow you may well wonder why I mentioned using these properly. Here at this website we do read a ton of reviews so as we can bring you the best and most accurate information. When we checked the reviews on this Black And Decker polisher, we were surprised to see close to 10% of buyers giving this product a really bad review.

When you take the time to read closer, then we figured out that most of those are down to user error, rather than down to the tool. You will have heard of the old saying, ” a bad work man always blames his tools.” Now this is not a high specification, state of the art polisher, but it is pretty darned good for the money.

As long as this is used properly, you will get really good results.

Black and Decker wp900 car polisher

What the WP900 Does Well

  • The motor on this one is tough, and it will keep going even if you lean hard on it
  • It feels great in the hands and is well balanced and light enough not to tire your arms out. The handles are also well placed to allow you to get a firm grip, and allow you to get very good control
  • It is a 6″ orbital waxer/polisher and that covers a big enough area, but is still small enough to get you into most tighter and awkward spaces.
  • The cord is long but like most tools never long enough. It is however well located so as you can put it over your shoulder and keep it out of the way
  • We also like where the on/off button is located as it is easy to access

Those are all the things we liked about this polisher, and best of all, it is a lot cheaper than many of the competing products.

  • It comes with a foam applicator that allows you to apply either a wax or a polish.
  • It also comes with a polishing bonnet to allow you to get a great finish

Overall it is pretty easy to use and it doesn’t feel clumsy or heavy.WP 900 being used as a buffer

What the Buyers Say about the WP900

The general buyer satisfaction rating online for this product is 80%. Here at Car Polish Reviews we would rate it higher at around 86%. That is because the negative reviews that we read, were mainly down to buyers not understanding how these are used.

Now there are some buyer bad reviews that we fully understand, and we will talk about those just below. However overall we believe this is a good product at a very affordable price.

Let’s Deal with the Bad Reviews

Around 10% of all buyers, (1 out of every 10) gave this a really bad review.

Some of those were fully understand able and included:

  • Some buyers receiving a faulty or damaged product
  • The machine breaking down after a few uses

Those we understand and it is disappointing and annoying when that happens. No-one wants the hassle of packing this back up and sending it back. We understand just how frustrating that can be.

The majority of the bad reviews though were about the product not doing the job properly. There is a technique to using these, and to be honest, if you have not used one of these before, do not try it out on your car, truck or boat. Try it out on something first until you get the technique right.

What Buyers Liked

Just before we tell you what the buyers liked, we want to mention that this polisher is considered to be an “entry level” polisher. In other words if you have waxed on and waxed off by hand, and now want to try out a polisher, it is best to start with one just like this.

The orbital action stops swirling and also stops you damaging your vehicle from leaning to hard, or doing it at the wrong angle.

  • Most buyers said this was very easy to use
  • There is just an on/off button so is not complicated to work
  • Buyers found it to be light and also loved the fact that you could get both hands on it for much better control
  • Buyers also likes the size of this as it is smaller than the larger and heavier buffers

wp 900 polisher

Our Verdict on the Black & Decker WP900

There are quite a few of these types of polishers and waxers on the market. In terms of value for money, we think this one is hard to beat. Overall the reviews are very positive and it is available at a very good price.

Check Availability at Amazon

It is a very easy polisher to use, and the fact that it is light means it is really easy to handle. Like any polisher you do need to practise a little with this one just to get used to it. Once you master that technique though, then this one will save you a lot of time, and will also do a great job on your vehicle.

The cord length is 10 feet so most likely you will also need some type of extension lead to work this one. Sadly almost all polishers come with these short leads.


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